Just at the end of a 40 minute meditation I was just thinking how the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast serves the role of an elder for the early 21st century western neophyte (I hate using words like neophyte due to my belief that often tricky words are a way of expressing how much of a douche you are). Anyway, neophytes, in that the conversation is spiritually nourishing with it’s lessons of guests, very often over 40 years old,  who tell stories about whatever, embedded with their own life lessons and methods of becoming efficient in one skill or another… That’s why it’s my favourite podcast.

New Podcast: The Amp Hour

Just found out that Dave from EEVBlog has a podcast, The Amp hour, so that’s gone onto my podcast app (podcast addict).

It will join my other tech podcasts, Security Now, and Risky Business.. Along with dear leader Joe Rogans podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience, and the primal Blueprint podcast. Also.. my audio podcasts, Group therapy, and others I sometimes listen to, Anjuna deep, a state of trance, Tiestos club life, Future sound of Egypt with Ali & Fila and Unity Radio with Orkidea..

This explains why I just ordered a 64GB SD card for my phone… Also Podcast Addict is great as it allows pretty fine grain control over downloading new podcasts and deleting old ones..