Coffee addiction may now return + More Parasite research

20160530_114807So for around a week I’ve allowed myself to have coffee again, and haven’t experienced any negative mood results immediately after. I’m putting this down to the couple 1.5 months I’ve had of at least half a teaspoon of genuine Himalayan sea salt twice a day – as recommended as a remedy for adrenal fatigue. Interesting as this is the same time period as someone in the Amazon book review mentioned in the podcast I talked about here.

Also other than coffee I’ve been adding good quality health food shop stevia to a teaspoon of cacao which tastes pretty dam good. Think I’ll stick to drinking it though.

Parasites 4.

So last night I looked further into Dr Clarks info. This was the first video which came up and is very interesting. Since I will be following this protocol, I want to learn the key parts of it as a priority. It talks about cancer and reminds me of Dr Burzynski, seemingly another proven cancer treatment squashed profit motives… ironic.

I listened to an interview with Kerri Rivera which gave a bunch more interesting info about how these parasite protocols work, and more info on Enemas. This interview referenced Dr Kalcker’s protocol, which I have re-read through. I’m pretty happy with how his protocol looks, mainly because it is more affordable than the Clark protocol and less closed source (in the sense that I have to get all the ingredients separately). His protocol also has lots of interesting info on other methods. The Garlic method seems pretty good, I’ve been having more than 3 cloves for the last couple days and have noticed a change in mood regulation as well as changes in how my stomach reacts – I think the Garlic is having a positive effect..
He mentions Pumpkin seeds, so why not collect them.

The parasite rabbit hole

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So earlier in the year I wanted to get tested for parasites due to bowel problems, this came back positive for several types. I’m putting this down to overseas travel although at least one of the types identified was locally found. Since then I have tried a few things to remove them. I am just at the moment listening to a radio episode with Dr Kalcker about his treatment protocol which includes MMS (which I did somewhat try recently). One of the things he has mentioned is that parasites will consume the food and minerals we eat depriving our body of them; leaving our bodies to deal with their poop as a result – which will affect our mood. So this points to a very possible path of action. Currently I am experiencing energy and mood fluctuations as well as acute sugar sensitivity (mood crashes after consuming sugar). These symptoms alone could point to a parasite (or Candida) even without the latest test results I received, although I likely wouldn’t have thought of investigating parasites if it wasn’t my digestion issues.. So I guess it’s a good thing I asked for that test. I actually have partially solved my digestion issues with the primal diet alone so I’m glad I at least know about this parasite issue. Now this leads to the challenge of figuring out a successful treatment for these parasites. Apparently 25% of the worlds population have parasites, and I see no reason why I shouldn’t be in the 75%.
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Procrastination + starting parasite research

Firstly, procrastination..

With that out of the way, and more importantly, I’m still weighing my food to stick with the primal diet. It’s brought up several times on this episode of JREI’m all for sticking with this whole Primal movement. Listening to the Primal podcast is motivating me towards a specific lifestyle, although one thing not harped on too specifically which I guess is the reason for this endeavour for me is parasites. I found due to travel I had some issues with parasites in recent months. I have been researching more and more and the last couple days have really opened up a crate of cans of worms (pun…). So I will be delving into this much further. The thing I am looking for is collaborated experiences of people with similar symptoms. I think the primal diet is an excellent foundation on which to start. But I am still noticing really acute mood fluctuations often in regard to sugar intake (hence the OCD food recording).
Today later in the day I was feeling crappy, I avoided a coffee in the morning despite possibly overcoming adrenal fatigue (evidenced by not feeling shit immediately after a coffee/caffeinated tea this week) and still felt crap in the afternoon.

Parasites 1.

After reading a page on parasites I’d printed out, I remember “the simplest treatment is to eat three cloves of garlic every morning” I’m like 3 cloves?! I was having half a clove 3 times daily, and was being lax on the midday dose due to worrying about farting. So I had a clove at 3pm. It actually made me feel worse for around half an hour, then I allowed myself a coffee with the caveat of reading my book. I’ve been feeling good since (11pm)… Hmm go garlic! and more motivation to continue filtering through these rabbit holes (and less time for what I previously had planned to do..). Also this recent Primal Blueprint podcast on Alcohol I found really useful (for not drinking). Continued here…