Apocalypse (Ancient Greek: ἀποκάλυψις apokálypsis, from ἀπό and καλύπτω, literally meaning “an uncovering”)

I was just thinking about how Climate Change is a sardine in comparison to some other fish out there. Take for example… pizzagate. Pizzagate represents what amounts to in impending paradigm shift. In order to understand pizzagate you have to understand things like Climate Change are really political smoke grenades, then you have a new paradigm with entities like Adronis revealing truths protective layers

Different: Sean Spicer’s First White House Press Briefing

I never understood the L Vs R thing until recently. The emotion of the ‘Left’ / MSM / etc is so interesting

Also Stefan Molyneux’ podcast I’ve found interesting lately. Very interesting education in the ramifications of various political movements. I heard the left/right referred to mummy/daddy.. That seems to make sense. Especially within the last couple months..


So in this interview we have the guest noting that Clinton was lacking in capability in military response, saying all the way up the chain of command. Then noting the need to delete Islamic fascism with Russia in the present..

This brings up the speech in late 2016 where Clinton roasted trump, where Clinton seemingly outed POTUS44 as Muslim.

Feel like I need an arc for narratives of this scope. Super interesting interview.