Bjj Tuesday

Just a personal rundown of the drills from tonight.

Takedown from over-unders.

Head against their chin and neck, lock hands low on their back. Pull their butt under me with pressure from my shoulder in their chest for the take down. If they stick their butt out then bring my leading foot forward and level change lower in order to be able to get a monkey grip (fingers only).

Get S-mount and transition to an armbar

From mount, post my right arm out above their head. Slide my left hand up onto their left shoulder for the cross face. The cross face will force them to loosen their elbows, allowing me to move up to high mount. Move my right arm from their shoulder to a fist on the ground, from here I can slide my left knee right up above their head. I can control their left arm with my left, pulling up on their left arm, I can put my right hand on their left hip. While holding this controlling position I can slide my right foot above their head to S-mount. If I have their right arm caught under my grip on their left arm, I can make an armbar on their right arm. I can keep my right hand on their hip to make the armbar more effective.

Bjj Thursday

Good day for some standing guillotines.

I grab the back of their head with my right arm, in order to break their posture down. I control their right arm with my left, grabbing their arm around where their elbow is, controlling it back. I posture the top of my head into their neck, as to avoid a possible bite, as well as pushing them back. When they resist being pushed back, I snap their head down and to the left, under my left arm. My left arm comes up under their chin while I grab my left wrist with my right hand. I posture down to create more base, while lifting my left arm up into their neck. This is the Guillotine 😁.

The defence is, when I am in a Guillotine, with the arm on their body side free, I swing it up and over their body, coming down their back along side their head. I drop my weight onto them through my arm. I block their hip with my other free hand. To avoid them pulling guard. I move my body around theirs, backing away from the side my head is on. This allows me to get a leg behind their leg, and sweep them to the ground. From here I want to dig my shoulder into their neck, putting my weight through the shoulder, with my weight up onto my toes. With the arm which is not cross facing them, I can then peel the guillotine off, and rotate my chest and head up to the sky.

Bjj Tuesday

Heel hooks..

While sitting, I want their right leg over my left. I will put my right foot under their right thigh, and my left foot on their left leg, not crossing the top of their leg. I will pinch my legs together to hold them, and push them away to have their ankle where I want it. I want their ankle under my left shoulder and I will use the bone of my left wrist to cut into their Achilles. With my left elbow pointing out, I will lift my wrist against their Achilles. I can put the sub on more by then wrapping my elbow back, and roll onto my left side, and I can then, if need be, look back moving the pressure to the top of their foot.

Sweep to heel hook:

While sitting with them standing, with hooks in, put my left elbow on the inside of my knee, and my left hand around the back of their knee. I push their right knee away, while pulling their left leg towards me. I can roll backward, while pulling the back of their knee into a heel hook. Then pushing my right hand against their right knee, I can sweep them.