Bashar – “2015 – 2016: The Years of Expansion and Contraction”

“You experience things the way you define them.

You understand?

Your definitions absolutely color and filter your experience of physical reality because physical reality is just your projection. Physical reality doesn’t exist without your perception of it. It doesn’t exist on its own empirically. It exists in a variety of ways on its own because everything exists. But your experience of physical reality doesn’t exist until you create an idea, a perception, a definition for yourself in order for you to experience it.

Does that make sense?”

From “2015 – 2016: The Years of Expansion and Contraction”

The Translatory nature of communication.

Person to person communication, despite being seen as fitting within language is really a function of interpretive interaction, where the interpretation happens at a the site of a single cognitively functioning entity. In this sense the microcosm/macrocosm interaction can be understood as a holographic dynamic system, where a single entity functions within a cloud of other entities forming an integrated higher order entity. Shower time